Aho - Sauvignon Blanc, Sémillon and Strawberry Wine

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Nordic Nature [*Exclusive]

Handcrafted in Finland | 13.5% vol | 700ml 

GOLD MEDAL, Mondial du Rose 2021

Aho is a unique wine / fruit wine blend created as a collaboration between Ainoa Winery in Hollola and Chateau Carsin in Bordeaux. Sommelier Samuil Angelov used wines from these two wineries to create a balanced blend that has a nose of luscious fresh-picked Finnish strawberries, with the assertive acidity, strong body and fresh character of a classic French white wine.

Winery Process

The grapes used in Aho are hand-picked, gently pressed then fermented and aged in oak barrels until it is ready to send to Finland. Once there, it is combined with Ainoa’s strawberry wine. The strawberry wine is made from fruit grown in Lahti, which is fermented and aged in tanks for at least 8 months prior to blending.

The wine is filtered before it is bottled.

Best served well chilled at 4-6°C | Vegan Friendly