About Us

Nordic Nature Singapore is a Food and Lifestyle Company focused on an all-exclusive range of premium products from Finland and Estonia.

We source and import our products directly from the Nordic region and have forged close relationships with every farm, owner, and food company that we choose to work with.

As a registered food importer and trader in Singapore, we hold Singapore Food Agency (SFA) import licenses in 3 different categories: Meat and Fish Products; Fresh Fruits and Vegetables; and Processed Food Products and Food Appliances. We have been pioneering Nordic food in Singapore since 2017.

We own and operate the annual Nordic-Asia Christmas Festival; the Finland-Singapore Culinary Masters; and are the proud creators of Santa Berries – the World’s Best Strawberries – from Suonenjoki, Finland.

Enquiries and partnerships are welcome via email: hello@nexttwenty.org.