Suven Taika - Strawberry Wine

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Nordic Nature x Ainoa Winery [*Exclusive]

Handcrafted in Finland | 13% vol | 350ml 

GOLD MEDAL, Mondial du Rose 2021

Rich, nuanced and wonderful. Suven Taika is crafted from fresh strawberries grown by Koivistoisen Mansikkapaikka in Lahti. It holds the record for the fastest of our wines to receive international recognition. Less than a month after we released it, it became the first ever wine made without grapes to be awarded a gold medal at Le Mondial du Rose in France.

It can be served with chocolate, with berry desserts or to accompany a bowl of vanilla ice cream.

Winery Process

All the Finnish berries are extraordinary, but there is no berry more anticipated by Finns than the strawberries that start ripening in mid June. And it is no wonder; Finnish strawberries are not like the ones from other places. The Nordic climate produces berries that are small but sweet and packed with flavour.

As soon as we tasted them, we knew they could make a special wine, but working with strawberries is challenging. It took us twelve years of trials before we felt the wine was ready. In addition to top quality fruit, we found timing and careful monitoring of the wine progress was critical. We use a cool fermentation in stainless steel, and age cool for 4-6 months before exposing the wine to some gentile contact with oak before bottling.

Best served at 6-10°C | Vegan Friendly