Kuningatar - Bilberry-Raspberry Wine

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Nordic Nature [*Exclusive]

Handcrafted in Finland | 12.5% vol | 375ml 


Kuningatar means “queen” in Finnish, but it also means a delicious mix of blueberries and raspberries that is widely used as a flavour in foods.  We were surprised to learn it had rarely been done as a wine.  But sometimes what looks obvious in retrospect is overlooked until a fortunate set of circumstances allows it to happen.

Winery Process

Kuningatar is a blend of two separate wines: Vaapukka and Silkki, which are then allowed to age and the flavours to meld over several months before being filtered and bottled.  The first time we made it, the blend happened by accident, but it was the only time we ever made a new wine that turned out perfect on the first try.  So perfect that in 2020 it was awarded a gold medal by the Oenologists of France in their annual tasting – only the second gold medal they have ever awarded to a wine made from berries.

Best served at 10-13°C | Vegan Friendly