Kukko IPA

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Kukko IPA - Heavily hopped pale top-fermented beer

500ml | 5.5% alc. | Gluten Free

Laitilan's Kukko IPA is a heavily hopped, top-fermented full-malt beer. It is brewed with American hop varieties and its exceptionally heavy dry hopping give the beer an extremely big hop aroma.

The IPA type of beer first appeared in England in the late 1700s. The reason behind its development was to produce a beer capable of lasting the long sea voyage from England to India. The high alcohol and hops content of an IPA made this possible.

Today, there are countless different IPA-type beers on the market, with the lines differentiating the various beer types becoming blurred, particularly where alcohol content is concerned. In general, an IPA is known for its bitter, aroma-hopped character.

Recommended serving temperature: +8 to +12 °C

Product of Finland