Honey with Wild Berries

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Nordic Nature x Artisan Honey

*Exclusively in Singapore

Honey with wild berries is a perfectly balanced mixture of flavourful Nordic berries and fresh all-natural honey. Nordic folk medicine has always valued lingonberries for lots of vitamins and blueberries as a true source of vitality, supporting our body with antioxidants.

By freeze-drying the berries, we keep its vitamins safe and sound. This honey is also a perfect component to use when cooking a Christmas feast. For glazing, use olive oil in the same amount as wild berry honey. Balance the taste by adding something sour (e.g. balsamic vinegar or natural cranberry juice), add ground chili, a pinch of black pepper, some grain mustard, and salt to taste. 

Buy a single jar or mix and match into a set of 3 flavours in a wooden gift box for Christmas!

Handcrafted in Estonia | 50g per bottle