Santa Berries - Premium Strawberries from Finland (500g)

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Nordic Summer Specials '21 [Exclusive]:

Air Flown from Finland! 

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Bulk Discount: $17 per 500g punnet (For minimum order of 10 punnets)

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NEXT SHIPMENT: To Be Confirmed (Due to unusually warm weather in Finland affecting our strawberries' harvest, we are holding off the next shipment until the situation improves. An update will be provided once available. Thank you for your patience and understanding.)  

2nd Shipment: 24th July 2021 - SOLD OUT! 

1st Shipment: 10th July 2021 - SOLD OUT!

*Self-collection and delivery options available

Unique Nordic Berries :

Grown under the Midnight Sun, Finnish strawberries are seasonal and available only once a year for 8 weeks from July to August. These berries bask in more than 20 hours of sunshine daily and are nourished with the world's cleanest water and air.

Finland's unique natural elements, coupled with the Nordic summer climate of warm days and cool nights, resulted in berries with a very high concentration of natural sweetness! With a stringent food safety standard, Finnish strawberries are "all natural" - no pesticides, no preservatives - and best consumed fresh within days of purchase. Excellent treats for adults and children alike!

Taste and Profile:

Deliciously sweet with a distinctive aromatic fragrance, our chosen strawberry varieties - Malling Centenary and Magnum - were carefully selected after tasting different varieties in Finland. Our Mallings and Magnums are bright red, good size berries that are juicy and robust. We always pick them at full ripeness - with little to no "white cap" - which ensures a consistently rich and intense flavour.

Our Difference:

Nordic Nature is the first and only food importer to bring Finnish strawberries to Singapore. Direct from farm to home, with no intermediaries; we take pride in delivering all our strawberries on the same day that we received them from Changi Airport - ensuring maximum freshness for our consumers! We also have a zero-wastage practice, where every single berry is sold or consumed :)

We believe passionately in the quality of our berries and have worked exclusively with 3rd generation Finnish strawberry farmers, Jussi Huttunen and Pauliina Kovanen, since 2017. With a history dating back 70 years, Jussi and Pauliina's farm is located in the township of Suonenjoki - known affectionately as the "Strawberry Capital of Finland"! 

*All photos shown are our actual berries taken in Suonenjoki, Finland.