Nordic Rainbow Trout & Red Caviar Yu Sheng 北欧虹鳟鱼与鳟鱼子魚生

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Pre-Order Now for Chinese New Year 2021!



Delivery Schedule - Available from 5th to 26th February 2021 (Extended!)

Please pre-order at least 2 days in advance of your preferred delivery date.  

For orders on other dates, kindly send us an email at to arrange. 

In collaboration with Chef Eric Neo, Nordic Nature proudly presents our Nordic Rainbow Trout & Red Caviar Yu Sheng to welcome the Year of the Ox!

Premium Ingredients:

Finnish Rainbow Trout - Air Flown From Finland

Salt-Cured Rainbow Trout from the pristine and cold waters of Finland - one of the world's cleanest natural environments. Our cured trout slices are cooked without heating and has a soft, sashimi-like texture.

Red Caviar - Trout Roe - Air Flown From Finland

A prized and seasonal delicacy from Finland. Our rainbow trout roe has a fresh, clean taste and a bright orange-red glow. 

Wild Cranberry Honey Plum Sauce - By Chef Eric Neo

Specially created signature Yu Sheng Sauce with wild honey from Estonia.  

About Chef Eric Neo:

Chef Eric Neo is President of the Singapore Chefs Association. In 2018, Chef Neo was appointed as the inaugural Nordic-Asia Culinary Ambassador. As part of this appointment, Chef Neo collaborates with renowned chefs, restaurants, and food producers from the Nordic region and interprets Nordic ingredients through an Asian angle. Prominent collaborators include Chef Kari "Kape" Aihinen; Savoy - Finland's culinary landmark; and market leading producers Snellman, Kalaneuvos, and AndreFarm.