Nordic Chanterelle Mushrooms (Fresh)

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Chanterelles (Cantharellus Cibarius) are among the most delicious and highly prized forest mushrooms. Affectionately known as "Forest Gold", they grow naturally in the wild, are not possible to cultivate, and stand out from other forest fungi with their beautiful bright yellow colour. 

Handpicked in the pristine Nordic forests, our Golden Chanterelles are naturally organic and packed full with nutrients. They have a distinct flavour with fruity notes and a light peppery profile. When cooked, they are luscious, velvety and buttery in taste.

An incredibly versatile mushroom, chanterelles are sought after by top chefs and gourmands alike; and great in soups, pasta, risotto, or sautéed. They can be kept frozen and retain their flavour well. Nordic chanterelles are seasonal and only available from late summer to autumn each year.

Country of Origin: Estonia