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Nordic Nature x Snellman [*Exclusive]

A Truly Finnish Bacon

This is a different bacon. Made from our Heritage Breed Finnish Pig, it is the result of over 100 years of pig breeding, where we control the entire value chain, from genetics, to a strict GMO-Free feed, to the end product. It is therefore uniquely Finnish. 

We wanted to make our bacon in the best way possible: over time and largely by hand. We start by choosing the most suitable part of our country pigs according to their meatiness and fat class. The selected ribs are turned by hand into a mixture of salt and sugar. The pieces then rest in the cold for 3-4 days, allowing the salt and sugar to season the bacon evenly.

During the rest, some liquid evaporates and the taste of the meat condenses. So instead of adding water to the bacon, we remove it. After resting, the ribs are cold-smoked with real alder wood chips for 3-4 hours at low temperature. Finally, the pieces are sliced ​​into bacon.

As with our other products, we don’t add phosphate to bacon either. That, too, is part of our principles. When we finally have 100 grams of finished bacon, 110 grams of quality ribs have been used.

Product of Finland | 150g | 100% Finnish Origin Pork