Kaste - Lingonberry, Honey & Meadowsweet Summer Forest Wine

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Nordic Nature  x Ainoa Winery [*Exclusive]

Handcrafted in Finland | 5% vol | 500ml 

Floral, bright and lightly sparkling, Ainoa Kaste captures the flavor of summer in the Finnish forests. In addition to lingonberries and honey, we add meadowsweet (mesiangervo), a wildflower that has been used with honey-based wines for thousands of years across northern Europe. One taste of Kaste, and you will know why. Perfect to sip while relaxing on the terrace.

Winery Process

Kaste is fermented from lingonberries, sweetened with honey, and flavored with meadowsweet before being filtered and carbonated using the Charmat method before it is bottled. The process takes at least four months including ageing to properly develop the flavours.

Reddish orange in color