Metsis Classic London Dry

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Nordic Nature [*Exclusive]

Handcrafted in Estonia | 500ml | 44% Vol

World Gin Awards 2018 - Category Winner

A classic London Dry Gin whose greatest qualities are its outstanding aroma and flavour

Colour: Bright, transparent.

Aroma: Intense and zesty. The main characteristics of the aroma are fresh, semi-ripe juniper berries, citrus fruit (lime and lemon zest) and fresh, spicy coriander with tangerine, dried apricot and cinnamon in the background.

Flavour: The initial flavour is round with zesty coriander adding flavor, ripe citrus adding freshness and juiciness to the juniper berry, plus some spices, delicate fennel and lasting ginger in the aftertaste. The flavour is a long, dry gin with good balance.