Warm-Smoked Nordic Rainbow Trout (Fresh; 250g)

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Nordic Nature x Kalaneuvos [*Exclusive]



Nordic Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) from the cold, fresh, and pristine waters of Finland and Sweden. 

A piece of warm-smoked rainbow trout fillet fits into a pie or pasta as well as on a bread or salad - or as such on a fish table to bring flavour. It is a boneless and easy-to-use option for all cooking and eating. The taste of smoked fish brings back memories, and it’s always good to come back to that. 

Our rainbow trout are farmed off the coast of Finland, Åland, and Sweden. We take care of the entire rainbow trout production chain, from eggs and fry to the finished smoked product, all year round. Farmed rainbow trout is an ethical and ecological choice. Its farming is guided by strict environmental legislation and a permit system, and the environmental organization WWF has put Finnish farmed rainbow trout on the green list of recommended fish species.

We have smoked fish for decades and through that have gathered and developed knowledge and skills about the secrets of smoking. The result is superior taste and high homogeneity that guide all of our operations alongside first-class raw materials. 

Origin of Rainbow Trout: Finland and Sweden 

Product of Finland | 250g | Lactose Free, Gluten Free